Guide to Complaints Resolution

The handbook outlines information necessary for the development of complaints resolution policies, procedures and practices. Further resources, including a sample policy and letter are available by phoning the HCSCC on 8999 1969 or emailing:

HCSCC Guide to Complaints Resolution

Training programs

The HCSCC consulted with health and disability service providers to find out what training might best help organisations resolve complaints directly with people using their services.  The training attached is the outcome of this consultation and a joint project between HCSCC staff and an education consultant.  Please contact the HCSCC if you would like further information or assistance with training.

Communication skills and complaints

Complaints Handling for Managers

Better practice guide to managing unreasonable complainant conduct

This manual has been prepared to assist staff when dealing with the small proportion of complainants whose conduct is especially challenging.  It has grown out of the Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Project, a joint project of the Commonwealth and State Ombudsmen.

The manual has been developed to provide management strategies for dealing with unreasonable complainant conduct.  It aims to provide strategies for staff to better manage their response to complainants who exhibit unreasonable conduct, while maintaining a high level of service for the community.

The Commission strongly recommends the strategies detailed in the manual and is appreciative of the NSW Ombudsman for allowing us to make it available as a resource.

Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Manual 2012