Making a complaint
Complaint resolution
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The HCSCC and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Requirements

Where a complaint is made about a Registered Provider, the National Law requires the HCSCC to work with the National Boards and AHPRA to determine which organisation is best placed to handle the complaint.

The HCSCC focuses on complaint resolution, rights and service improvement; while the focus of the National Boards is on public safety.

When the HCSCC receives a complaint that involves a Registered Provider we will do the following:

Where the Board receives a notification that could also be the subject of a complaint to the HCSCC, the same principles of consultation and agreement apply.

Registered Providers are those working in:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practice
Chinese medicine
Medical radiation practice
Nursing and Midwifery
Occupational therapy Optometry

If you are unsure which organisation you should complain to, you can consider what you want from your complaint (resolution and improvement (HCSCC) or disciplinary consideration (AHPRA)) and make your decision on that basis.  Alternatively you can simply contact us as, working with the Boards, we will decide which organisation is best placed to handle your complaint.  

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