Making a complaint
Complaint resolution
Information for the provider

What happens when a complaint is made to the HCSCC?

The HCSCC will, with the complainant’s agreement, give you the first opportunity to resolve the complaint direct with the complainant. Some complainants may need assistance from the HCSCC to do this. Over half the complaints received by the HCSCC are resolved in this way through the provision of an explanation, detailed information or an apology where needed. When resolved in this manner there is no need for any further intervention by the HCSCC.

Where the complainant and provider are unable to resolve the complaint or the complainant has a good reason for not approaching the provider in the first instance, the HCSCC will begin assessing the complaint.

During assessment the HCSCC may:

You may seek advice from your professional indemnity organisation if you consider it appropriate.

The Assessment process is undertaken to find out whether the complaint warrants further enquiry or investigation and the HCSCC has 60 days in which to do this.  On completion of the assessment process the Commissioner will make one of the following determinations:

Once the assessment determination is made by the HCSCC, all parties to the complaint are advised. For further details regarding the complaint process refer to Complaint Resolution.

Approximately 85% of all complaints received by the HCSCC are resolved or finalised before or during the assessment process.