About Us

Vision, Mission and Values


High quality, responsive, person centred health, disability and aged care services throughout the Territory.


Independent, just, fair and accessible complaints systems which promote the rights of service users and contribute to safety and quality improvement in health, disability and aged care services in the NT.


Value What it Means
Accessible We ensure that all people can readily access our office either in person, by phone, in writing, by email or by the internet.  Our promotional and educational material is accessible, and people will have any support necessary to make a complaint.


Accountable We use our resources lawfully and effectively, make decisions that are supported by appropriate evidence, are open and transparent in all our dealings and make recommendations that are practical and proportional to the problem identified.


Fair We act impartially at all times, observe procedural fairness, are transparent in our dealings and provide our service equitably to all Territorians.


Innovative We are committed to ongoing examination of our goals, systems and processes and to the generation of creative ideas to ensure that we provide the best possible service.


Person-centred We treat all people respectfully, are responsive to individual needs and concerns, are flexible and culturally aware.


Professional We act with integrity and consistency, and provide the highest standard of service possible. The privacy and confidentiality of people using our service is protected.


Strategic Objectives

  1. Quality Complaints Management

Provide a quality accessible and transparent complaints assessment, resolution and investigation service.

  1. Promote capacity

Promote the capacity of health, disability and aged services sector to resolve complaints directly with service users.

  1. Improve Systems

Analyse complaints systems and complaints to identify causes of complaints, detect trends and contribute to improvement.

  1. Advise government

Provide independent advice to government on matters affecting health, disability and aged care services in the Territory.

  1. Educate the NT community

Encourage awareness of the rights and responsibilities of service users and service providers in the NT.

  1. Governance and Resources Management

Operate the office in accordance with good governance and resources management practices.